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50935 trees.

Brazil, Povos da Floresta

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Project Summary

The project Povos da Floresta was launched in 2011 to support several indigenous communities living in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon forest. A sanctuary of unique biodiversity, today this part of the world is threatened by the growing development of infrastructure, oil exploration activities, intensive breeding and illegal logging. Since 2016, PUR Projet has partnered with Metareila, an organization engaged in the preservation of the Amazonian forest and the Paiter Suruis' culture and heritage

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The project in a few words

Since Jair Bolsonaro's presidential election in 2018, environmental laws and protection of the Amazon forest have slowly vanished, leaving the forest vulnerable. And while wildfires aren't new in the region in the past few years, we can't deny part of Bolsonaro's responsibilities in today's disaster. The Amazon rainforest, the green lungs of our planet, is turning into ashes, burning to the ground, leaving the indigenous communities as the first victims. The project Povos da Floresta brings sustainable solutions to deforestation and supports the Paiter Surui, a local tribe living in the Rondonia state. The Paiter Surui are currently living under the persistent pressure of local Brazilians living in the same region, who are seeking to expand their territories and exploit the land for farming, mining or logging activities.
The project Povos da Floresta supports the preservation of the traditions as well as the cultural, environmental and social heritage of the Paiter Surui, through a partnership with the NGO Metareila, founded back in 1989 by chief Almir Narayamoga. The organisation's main actions are to look after the territory of the Paiter Surui tribe in the forest. It supervises the different conservation activities (vigilance, research, public awareness), reforestation, sustainable forest management, agricultural activities (coffee, cocoa), education (university for locals), the appreciation of the art and culture of the Surui, and traditional medicine. PUR Projet supports Metareila in their tree planting activities to prevent and stop illegal logging and deforestation of parts of the Amazon rainforest (240 000 hec.).